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Anime / Manga Fans Drawing Club

Anime Drawing Club  

Instructor: Jason Page

Ages 10+ 

Course Description: 

This drawing club is designed for  pre-teens and teens that enjoy Anime ! 

Anime drawing class will cover all the basics: head & body, the brilliant eyes, the body proportions and more. But the instruction doesn’t end there. It moves on to costume and character design, action poses, special effects, perspective and staging stories in sequential panels. We will start off with different positions of the head. Continue with “Shoujo” eyes & expressions to hairstyles. Once we cover all these areas we will continue to body views.  Over the next few months we well continue to learn how to draw characters in motion. 

During the drawing stages each student will create and design their own character to develop into games cards, posters, drawing on canvas sneakers and more! Advanced students will be designing and learning background, animals and creating a story line with their characters to move into comic novel/pages. 


Anime drawing class ! The students are d
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Our Saturday Anime class has officially
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